02 August, 2014

❤ About Madame Rosa Project Or Just another Introduction.

Our project in effort by a small Greek team to promote visual kei artists in Greece! Here, you just arrived at the administrators and founder of MRP , official blog!
MRP exists as an idea since 2006 and we started building Greek websites for visual kei artists ( beginning with musician Mana of Moi dix Mois) back in 2010! We firstly appeared on facebook too in 15 of November 2012! And we expand hoping see our dreams come true. To create a beautiful visual kei base in greek and unite all potential vi-kei fans from all fandoms! So, join us!

We translate interviews, blogs (Mana's only currently), we tweet in Greek from special accounts for each favorite Visual kei artist and more! Help us grow!

We also must thank once more "Sanctuary of Mana" for promoting us and Koiai Designs for helping with her beautiful, artistic banners!

Enjoy reading!

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